Believe it or not, real estate is as much of an art form as it is a science. Every buyer, seller, and home is unique. While there are plenty of technical elements to real estate, it’s also a people business where buyers and sellers alike make emotional decisions. 

With so many variables impacting your sale, figuring out how to break into the market can feel downright overwhelming – but it doesn’t need to. As a seller, the best way to maximize your chances of success is by partnering with a dedicated real estate agent who’s seen it all. 

If you’re thinking about selling your home in the near future, here’s a look at why you choose a real estate agent with several decades of experience. 

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Markets Can Change 

With fluctuating interest rates continuing to impact real estate both locally and Canada-wide, choosing an agent with several decades of experience is more important than ever. Today’s real estate landscape is vastly different than it was just two years ago. As a seller, getting the best result possible means hiring an agent who has worked in similar market conditions before. 

Plus, across the Durham Region and Kawartha Lakes, trends can shift at a hyper-local level. For example, what makes a successful sale in Uxbridge may not be the right approach in Port Perry. An agent with many years of experience will know how to optimize your home sale in any neighbourhood and market condition. 

A Note on Pricing 

Some first-time sellers may not realize just how important the pricing process is. Rather than simply picking an asking price from thin air, maximizing the value of your property requires a well-thought-out strategy. Using a combination of data, years of market insights, and a little bit of intuition, an experienced agent can ensure you choose a listing price that compels buyers without leaving any money on the table. 

Understanding Buyers

At the end of the day, achieving great results on your home sale is all about attracting and appealing to buyers! When it comes to getting your home on the market, it’s absolutely essential to know who your ideal buyers are and what they’re looking for. 

In our neck of the woods, buyer demographics can change seemingly overnight and also evolve with time. An experienced agent will have the industry knowledge to determine which buyers are most likely to be interested in your home, and where they are in the market. After that, they can put together a customized selling strategy to help you reach and entice your ideal buyer audience.

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Your Home is Unique 

Around here, homes are anything but cookie-cutter. Whether you’re selling a residential family home, waterfront cottage, farm, acreage, vacant lot, or another type of property, you’ll want to partner with an agent who has experience selling homes that are just like yours. Since there are so many property types in Durham Region and the Kawartha Lakes, there’s no substitute for agent experience when it comes to covering all the bases. 

Your home is more unique than you may realize. Let’s say you’re selling a waterfront property in Brock. An experienced agent will have key insights about local riparian rights that could factor into how you market the property. Choosing to work with an inexperienced agent could make it harder for the right buyers to find your home, negatively impacting your bottom line.

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Connections & Networks 

Selling your home is a big process and there’s a good chance that you’ll need outside help beyond the scope of a real estate agent’s services. For instance, based on your agent’s guidance, you may choose to hire a local contractor to make strategic value-adding upgrades to your home. Or maybe you’re unsure where to find a lawyer who specializes in real estate transactions to help with the closing process.  

Thankfully, an experienced, well-connected agent will already have a wide network of connections that you can tap into, making the process of finding a trusted professional easy and stress-free. 

A Home Sale Centred Around You

At Puckrin & Latreille, our industry expertise spans 3 generations. Led by a family of REALTORS®, our agents have between 20 and 40 years of individual professional real estate experience. 

Proud to work and live in Durham Region and the Kawartha Lakes, we’ve sold every type of property throughout every kind of market condition since the ‘70s. We have the experience, insights, and connections to make your real estate dreams a reality. 

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