First Congratulations! Being engaged is such an exciting time. As you get ready to plan the rest of your life together, the next logical step for most after the big day is buying a home together. For some couples, they like to buy a home before the wedding – and that can be a great option for a lot of people! However, wedding planning is not easy, and being engaged comes with its own set of life stressors.

If buying a home is a big priority to you and your partner, and something you want to do before the wedding, then definitely talk about it. Getting into your home before you are married is a great option, as you will be able to get settled and start your life together before the wedding, and maybe even have a space to host some of those wedding gatherings. But, buying a home can also be a stressful time on any couple, let alone one planning a wedding.

Here are some things to consider if you are thinking you might want a home before you say “I do.”

What is your timeline and workload?

Buying a home takes some time. It might take as long as two to three months to find the perfect property, and then it will take anywhere from 30-60 days to close the sale. From there, you will have to move in, do any repairs or renovations, and shop for furniture. Buying a home is a time commitment, and you want to give it the time it deserves.

Now, it is time to think of your workload. When is your wedding? Are you able to multi-task? If you have a long engagement, an easy wedding to plan, or you simply love a good challenge with lots of moving parts, then absolutely commit to house hunting and wedding planning. But, if you are someone who is easily overwhelmed and only has a small amount of time to get both big events done, you might want to consider holding off.

Both wedding planning and home buying have a lot of moving, little tasks that can creep up on you. From meeting vendors and taste testing wedding food, to signing documents for the house and calling lenders, you will have a lot on your plate. Some people are able to juggle both, while other people will struggle. You want to be able to enjoy both processes, so have a serious conversation with your partner about how much you can handle and prioritize what matters.

Can your financials handle it?

Weddings are a huge expense, as is a down payment on a house and all the things that go into moving into a new home. Are your financials ready to take on the double hit? Some couples may have a ton saved up, or might be planning on a small wedding (or, are lucky enough to have the wedding covered). Some couples simply value owning a home over a having a big wedding, so they prioritize home spending over wedding spending. There are tons of situations that make buying a home the right decision and the wrong one.

There is no right or wrong advice when it comes to deciding how you and your future spouse want to spend your money, as long as you can handle both commitments. Remember, a lot goes into both a wedding and buying home. Once you say “I do,” you have a honeymoon to pay for! And, once you get the keys, you have an entire home to furnish. Talk about all of the costs involved and decide a path that works for both of you.

Should we buy or should we wait?

If you have talked about the decision and decided that yes, buying is absolutely the right decision, then go for it! Buying a home before you get married is a great option, and it gives you comfort, peace of mind, and the ability to enter your life as newlyweds and homeowners.

You can always browse homes as you plan your wedding if you ultimately decide that waiting till post-wedding is the best course of action before buying a home. Keeping your nose in the market is never a bad idea, and getting all your ducks in a row will help you post-wedding once you decide you are ready to buy. If you decide that waiting is better, then spend your time enjoying your engagement.

Whatever choice you make, enjoy this amazing time in your life with your partner!

The easy answer is if you are financially qualified, you should go for it. But, realistically, you need to weigh your options. Want to chat further? Great! You can schedule a buyer’s consultation here.


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