Choosing a real estate agent 

A Real Estate Agent is one of the most important aspects to consider when you are thinking of buying a new home. You want someone with experience, industry knowledge,  listens to you, understands you, and is willing to put in the work to find you the perfect new house.

March is soon upon us, and the housing market is coming into the spring market,  it is this time that heavily favours home buyers and home sellers. The Durham Region, Port Perry, Scugog, and Kawartha Lakes area has a medium to low inventory of homes on the market, and it is important to find the right Realtor for you.


If you are feeling overwhelmed choosing a real estate agent, do not stress! We are here to help with our list of top things to look for when finding an agent for you.


Find an real estate agent that knows the area

This is crucial, as your real estate agent  should be an expert in the region you want to live in order to help you find the best possible home. They need to know all of the unique parts of the area so they can guide you to the best fit for you and your family.     [ Read our blog:  Moving to the Country ]  


Ensure the real estate agent communicates efficiently

The housing market is competitive, and you want an agent that is on the ball. If someone takes days to reply to you, then they will take that long when trying to close a deal – which could lose you your dream home! A good agent is communicative, updates you on the process, and is committed to ensuring you know what is going on at every stage of the process. If you see a red flag in your early communication, go with your gut and find someone else.


Make sure the agent is licensed & working full time

It should seem like a no-brainer, but you want to make sure your agent is properly licensed and qualified. Ask to see their certification and don’t be shy – a good agent is happy to share. Secondly, find an agent  that works full-time as a realtor and even works with a team. This will mean you are their top priority and first focus. Someone who does it as a hobby may not be as committed to the process.  [  Meet The Team


Ask for references and check reviews

If you have found a realtor you really like, or someone you think you like but are not sure, then ask for a reference or two, and ask what the process was like working with the realtor. Also, check reviews online – many realtors have social media platforms like Facebook business page, Yelp and Google reviews, you can even view client testimonials from their website.    


Make sure the agent often works with your price range

Much like it is important to find a realtor that works in the market you want to live in, you also want to make sure you find someone who works within your pre-approved budget.  The same goes for when you are looking to sell – a realtor that sells homes in your price range will be able to get you a better buyer and maybe even more money.



Sellers, it’s crucial for your agent to know how to price, prepare, and present your home to the market properly. Preparing your home is almost as important as the pricing! It is critical to getting maximum exposure. Speaking of which – your real estate agent MUST have a marketing plan. That plan should include a fantastic website with content and other listings that people actually visit. Website traffic increases the number of people who will see your house online. They should use a mix of traditional and digital marketing (if they are not using paid social media advertising, rule them out immediately), plus they must be able to provide weekly stats on the online activity from all these platforms.


Make sure your Agent is personable

How other’s view your real estate agent is just as important as how you view them. If you know your realtor is talented and knowledgeable, but can sometimes rub people the wrong way or come off as cold, you may want to reconsider. A realtor is a very people-oriented job and you want to work with someone who other people will want to work with, whether making a deal or showing your home to potential buyers. A realtor is often their first impression!


Ensure you trust them and they are honest

Buying or selling your home is sometimes one of the biggest decisions and purchases in your life. You have to be able to trust this person and your realtor should always disclose everything to you. If you feel off about something, ask questions and be ready to find someone else if you do not feel confident in their integrity.



If you’re buying or selling in the North Durham Region and Kawartha Lakes area with the other end of your transaction out of the area, pick an agent who has great referral connections in other markets. You want both of your agents on the same page so your contracts, dates and deadlines work together seamlessly. See if your agent can connect you with another great agent in your other market.  Our Team prides  itself in having several personal friendships with the very top agents and teams from across Canada and the U.S. that we often refer to – and that’s something you want.   We would interview those agents to find you the right match. When your agents can work together and they’re on the same page, everyone wins.


When you’ve found the right agent and have done your research, go with your gut and trust them to do the best job possible for you. If you have any doubts, talk to them about it and don’t be afraid to walk away. A realtor should be on your side and be someone you can work with, communicate with, and trust.


If you would like to chat with us about buying or selling a home, or about any real estate needs or goals you may have, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  We’re always here to help!



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