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April 1, 2020 | video blog

Staying Informed: Real Estate, Mortgages, during COVID-19

In these unprecedented and uncertain times, we know many of our clients, family and friends are all wondering how they will get by.

We invited Katherine McKenzie of Hillcrest & Co. and Hillcrest Mortgages to chat with us.

Listen in as Brett asks the following questions to get a better understanding of all these different scenarios:

  1.     Probably the pressing question – how does a mortgage deferral work? What about income interruption 
  2.     Things to prepare as isolation and work stoppage continue
  3.     Government assistance – benefits, deferral of utilities, property taxes
  4.     What else can an individual do to get through these times?
  5.     It would be great to talk about income interruption during a real estate transaction.

Here are some of the links and resources shared by Katherine


Government introduces Canada Emergency Response Benefit to help workers and businesses

New tax filing and payment deadlines (March 2020 – During COVID-19) 

Understanding the New Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) & Employment Insurance  – This is a great tool to see if you qualify or not…


You can reach Katherine McKenzie at:  (905) 409-5544 or https://www.hillcrestmortgages.com/

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