When it comes to real estate, rural and agricultural properties are in a world of their own. If you’re looking to sell a country property, acheiving great results will require speciality help.

In Ontario, most residential real estate agents aren’t equipped to help you get the best results on your sale. Instead, you’ll want to work with an agent who lives and breathes properties like yours.

Here’s why. 

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Property Nuances 

Rural and agricultural properties are vastly different from traditional residential homes. Not only that, but every property is individually unique too.

For instance, a section of vacant farmland and a custom-built, modern waterfront cottage could both fall under the umbrella of rural real estate despite being incredibly different. Or, two acreages that look identical on paper could have completely different structures and systems below the surface depending on when they were built and their location. 

We won’t bore you with every possible example because they’re just about endless, however, if you’re looking to sell this type of real estate, you should really appreciate just how intricate it can be. Generally speaking, a lot of residential agents won’t have the specialized knowledge to price and market your property in a way that brings you the best results. 

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Attracting the Right Buyers

In the wide world of rural and agricultural real estate, it’s not just the properties that are different. Buyers that are specifically looking for acreage homes, farms, agricultural land, or waterfront properties, have different needs and tastes than those who are house-hunting in town.

As a seller, attracting the right buyer is a huge part of what makes your sale successful. That said, rural buyers are a unique bunch and getting your property in front of the ideal audience requires a strong and well-targeted marketing strategy. A specialized agent who not only sells agricultural properties but also works with these types of buyers will know exactly how to reach them. 

Beyond the physical and infrastructural elements of your country property, usage will also play a critical role in your sale. Around here, real estate is subject to a wide range of zoning classifications. With this in mind, potential buyers will want to know what they can and can’t do with the property. A rural real estate specialist will have niche insights that are beyond the scope of most residential agents and know how to best present the property’s full potential on the market.

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After the Sale

More than just a residence, farms and other agricultural properties can also be active, operating businesses. When these types of properties are sold, there are a whole host of financial considerations that go beyond the basic real estate process. 

For instance, agricultural properties may contain a range of business assets such as equipment, machinery, barns and even livestock. Upon sale, certain assets like these that you’ve included with the property could be subject to individual taxation. To help you hold onto as much of your returns as possible, a rural real estate agent can provide you with high-level guidance and if needed, refer you to a dedicated tax expert. 

Durham Region & the Kawartha Lakes’ Leading Team

Looking to sell your rural or agricultural property? Look no further than the Puckrin & Latreille Real Estate Team. A full-service, multi-generational team, we’ve been selling country real estate (and every other type of real estate for that matter) since the ‘70s. When you work with us our unbeatable knowledge, decades of industry experience, and local market position become your competitive advantage. 

There are endless considerations when it comes to selling rural or agricultural real estate, far more than we can fit in one blog post. However, you can rest assured that our team’s focused expertise can help you maximize your results.  

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