If you’ve been dreaming of owning a home along the water, we’ve got good news for you. In Durham Region and the Kawartha Lakes, finding an amazing waterfront home is far from a pipe dream. 

In our years of experience as local real estate agents, we’ve helped countless home buyers find their perfect personal oasis – and we can do the same for you. 

There’s a lot to love about life on the water – far more than we can fit into this list. But, if you’re thinking about purchasing a waterside property, these pointers might give you a better picture of what you’re looking for in your next home. 

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1. The Scenery

Ok, this is an easy one. One of the best parts about having a waterfront home is the views! Regardless of whether you’re on a lake, river, or waterway, there’s nothing like having your own personal vista of the water. 

Of course, it’s not just about H2O. Around here, most waterfront homes are also surrounded by lush trees, picturesque flora, and generally gorgeous scenery. When you call one of the most beautiful parts of Ontario home, amazing views simply come with the territory. As life-long locals, we can say wholeheartedly that it never gets old. 

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2. A Life of Leisure

Living near the water provides tons of opportunities for outdoor activities. Boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, and fishing, are just some of the things you’ll have right at your fingertips. During the winter months, you can enjoy skating, playing hockey, ice fishing, and more.

Plus, dry land activities like biking, jogging, or taking a stroll are made so much better with the waterside scenery. Whatever your favourite recreational activity is, living waterside lets you enjoy as much of it as possible. 

Of course, life by the water doesn’t need to be high-octane. It’s perfect for relaxing too! The water’s calming ambience makes the shore an ideal environment for unwinding and recharging. 

Note: If there’s a specific water activity that you love, be sure to ask your real estate agent about it. In this area of the province, riparian rights can change at a community level. 

3. The Peace & Quiet

While there’s already not much hustle and bustle in our neck of the woods, living waterside really lets you soak in the seclusion. With nothing but water on one side of your property, you’ll have fewer immediate neighbours compared to life in town. Plus, in Durham Region and the Kawartha Lakes, most waterfront properties sit on large, nicely-sized lots, giving you plenty of your own space. 

If you’re someone who really loves peace and quiet, a waterside home could be perfect for you. 

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4. The Properties

Another thing to love about waterfront living is the homes. Around here, waterfront properties are fairly abundant, and many of them take direct inspiration from their natural surroundings – allowing them to blend in seamlessly with the local landscape. 

There’s also a fair bit of variety when it comes to size and layout. Whatever your family’s everyday needs may be, there’s a good chance you’ll find something that fits those parameters. 

5. Finding Your Blank Canvas

While there are plenty of great waterfront homes in Durham Region and the Kawartha Lakes, you’ll also find vacant lots that are bursting with potential. If you’re playing with the idea of building a custom home or vacation property, you’ll find a handful of wide-open waterfront real estate to bring your vision to life. 

If you can’t find the perfect vacant lot, redevelopment opportunities aka tear downs are also a great way to start from scratch.

While there are amazing opportunities to build custom, it’s important to note that projects like this will come with lots of red tape. With that in mind, you’ll want to work with a real estate agent who understands the various local regulations and can guide you through an informed purchase. 

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Landing Your Dream Home

Dreaming of finding the perfect home by the water? We can help you turn that dream into a reality. 

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In addition to providing a fun, genuinely enjoyable buying experience, our in-depth knowledge helps protect your investment. While there’s lots to love about life on the water, these properties are highly specialized. Thankfully, we’ve got the expertise to ensure your future home lives up to your expectations. 

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