Located in the heart of a stunning outdoor playground, Lindsay, Ontario is a fun, close-knit community in the Kawartha Lakes. Once a best kept secret among locals, the town is steadily gaining greater attention among homebuyers.  

Regardless of how familiar you are with Lindsay, there’s lots about this charming waterfront community that we think you’ll love. So, if you’re curious about what your life in one of Durham Region and the Kawartha Lakes’ most exciting communities could look like, this list is for you! 

Without further ado, here are our top five reasons why you should consider moving to Lindsay. 

1. The Lakeside Lifestyle

If you’ve ever wished that you could stay at the cottage year-round, Lindsay could be perfect for you! Nestled along the picturesque Scugog River, the community sits right between the sprawling Sturgeon Lake and Lake Scugog. You heard that right – two lakes for the price of one!

Thanks to its unique location, Lindsay’s local lifestyle truly is one-of-a-kind. Whether you like boating, swimming, fishing, camping, hiking or simply relaxing on the dock, there’s no better place to enjoy the water. 

If you’re not a big fan of life on the water, that’s ok. There’s lots going on in town too!

2. The Vibrant Energy

While Lindsay has a friendly and down-to-earth energy, it’s also super vibrant. So despite the undeniable small-town charm, there’s no shortage of local highlights. 

The historic downtown Lindsay is an attraction in its own right, overflowing with charming cafes, local restaurants, independent boutiques, theatres, art galleries and other amenities.

On top of these local mainstays, the town comes alive with a wide variety of cultural events throughout the year. During the warmer months, you can catch concerts in the park, street festivals, outdoor theatre shows, and more. 

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3. It’s Perfect For Families

Another significant benefit of moving to Lindsay is the quality of life it offers for young families. 

For many parents, the community’s friendly, laid-back atmosphere makes it an ideal place for raising kids. Not to mention, Lindsay is well known for its excellent schools, with options for all ages and grades. 

There are also plenty of parks, playgrounds, cultural amenities, and wide open spaces to keep little ones entertained. Whether it’s skating at the local arena, catching a movie at the cinemas, or exploring the great outdoors, there’s always something to do. 

4. There Are (Actually) Affordable Homes

One of the main reasons for Lindsay’s popularity is its strong selection of affordable homes. While real estate in many parts of the province continues to climb in price, buyers have continually been able to find great value in this neck of the woods. 

Despite greater attention from relocators in recent years, housing in Lindsay remains relatively affordable – especially when compared to the cost of a home in Toronto and its surrounding suburbs. 

The community’s overall affordability also ties into the previous item on this list. With lower mortgage costs (on average), families can access all kinds of new opportunities and get a jump start on saving for the future. 

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5. Local Spirit

As more and more buyers venture beyond the Greater Toronto Area in search of their future homes, Lindsay (along with other communities in Durham Region and the Kawartha Lakes) has seen exciting growth in the last few years.

As new members of the community continue to settle in among long-time residents, the local spirit only gets stronger – creating a fun and lively energy around town! When you move here, you’ll become part of this momentum, enjoying the local pride and neighbourly atmosphere.

Buying With Local Experts

If you’re thinking about buying a home, Lindsay is a great place to do it! We’ve covered five great reasons to live here on this list, but the truth is that the perks are endless. 

Life in our neck of the woods is truly unlike anywhere else – and the same goes for real estate. If you’re searching for your dream home, it helps to have an expert by your side. Combining 175 years of real estate experience and unrivalled local knowledge, Puckrin & Latreille can help find the perfect home and community for you – whatever it may look like! 

Ready to discover your future in Durham Region & the Kawartha Lakes? We’ll help you find your dream home. Call 905-985-7300 or send an email to hello@liveplayinvest.com.

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